UK family have adopted a baby squirrel after it hitchhiked on their son's leg all the way home

a month ago
This baby squirrel has been adopted by a family after it climbed up their son's leg on his walk home from school - and wouldn't let go. The grey squirrel, named Nutty, now lives a lush life in a custom-built treehouse in their garden and eating pistachios and drinking fruit juice. Nutty comes dashing over when Rachel Philpott, 43, goes into the garden and calls his name, making himself comfy in her neck. The cheeky rodent is quite at home with the family now, after adopting schoolboy Caden Philpott, 12. And after refusing to leave, the family have built him his own treehouse in the garden. Full time mum Rachel said: "He cuddles up to us and runs up our legs, feeds from our hands and has settled into our family way of life. He is so unbelievably tame, I think he thinks we are his family. Every time we call him if he's outside he comes, dances all over us and has a little play about. It's been lovely, we've become attached to him." *This video was filmed 8th June 2021.
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