UK mum organises at-home sports day for her kids after they missed out due to self isolation

2 months ago
A creative mum organised an at-home sports day for her kids after they missed out due to self isolation - including apple bobbing and a marshmallow eating competition. Jessie-May Perry, 45, knew that her six-year-old daughter Flora would miss her sports day when her sister Mabel, four, woke up with a temperature and cough. While they waited for the results of a COVID test, Jessie-May, dad Robert, 38, and their three children were all stuck at home on July 19 - the day of Flora's first ever sports day. The mum-of-three posted on social media for ideas, and lined up eleven 'events' included balancing a book on your head and a race to the attic. Along with the more unique games, Jessie-May didn't fail to include sports day classics like the sack race, egg-and-spoon and a hoopla. English teacher Jessie-May, from Gosforth, Newcastle, said: "She was all dressed and ready for sports day by 6am and we had to break to it her. "She missed her very first one last year and was very excited about this years so there was much crying! "We live in a terrace and we haven't got a garden and it was going to be a lovely day, I just thought this is a flashback to last year being trapped in the house. "I thought she can't just not have a sports day at all, but I wasn't feeling very inspired." Flora and her four-year-old twin siblings, Mabel and Kit, who all attend St Charles Catholic School, were delighted with their day at home in the end.
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