*NEW* US influencer went viral after he visited a British seaside for the first time - and was left unimpressed

a month ago
An American influencer went viral after he visited the British seaside for the first time - and was less than impressed by the low tide and muddy beach. Nick Alexander, or 'Mr Miami UK', travelled with friends to Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset - a famously long beach that is covered in thick mud. Nick, who expected the white sands of Miami, Florida where he's from, documented his unhappy experience on video sharing app TikTok on June 13. Those videos, one of which is entitled 'Weston Super Mud - Don't Go There' went viral, racking up nearly 100,000 views and thousands of likes. They also attracted many heated comments from Bristol locals. Nick said: "I thought 'where's the water?' "Once I spotted where the water was I thought it was going to be an easy walk to get there. "My friend had some family there already and they said you're not going to make it to the water but I thought they were just being lazy. "I didn't expect the mud was going to come up to my knees - my crocs got completely obliterated so I had to take them off and had to go in my toes. "My feet are smooth though. The mud part was fun but not getting to the water was devastating." Under his first video on TikTok account @mr.miami_uk, Nick started receiving comments referring to the seaside town as "Weston-Super-Mud". Nick's mum is from Wolverhampton and moved to Miami, where Nick is from, but he moved back to study International Business Management at Wolverhampton University. The student said: "I'm from Miami so I've been getting some flack in the comments saying I should've checked the tide, I didn't know water could go away! "I don't know who checked when I was a kid I've never shown up to the beach and the water was four miles away - from now on I'll be checking the tide." He also sampled traditional British cuisine of fish and chips, but was shocked about the presence of the skin on his meal. Chef and music manager Nick, who has over 116,000 followers on social media, was also surprised by the presence of sunbathers on a beach where the sea is so far away. This video was filmed on June 13th 2021.
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