GE2020 - NTOTB - July 8th, 2020

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3 days ago
Things get a little more serious on the block as host Edward Choy speaks with first-time voters and political commentator, PN Balji, about the Singapore General Elections 2020. Tune in again on 15 July for more of #NewThingsOnTheBlock! For more on #GE2020: For more of #NTOTB: DISCLAIMER: The opinions from our guests in this episode do not reflect the opinion of Verizon Media.
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  • d
    Voting for PAP means accepting foreigner first singapore & more immigrants. Many of us with world class edu are unemployed after age 40 before covid. Do we lose bcos it’s all about survival of the fittest? Take a look at first world JP, the poorest citizen is protected by citizen rights first. No matter how talented the foreigner, they leave JP after contact ends. Let’s give our votes to Oppositions for power balance sound governance & citizens first policies in cpf withdrawal like in the past, sers, affordable healthcare, employment for citizens first
  • d
    I am voting for the first time as I decide to vote PAP OUT! PAP has all the priorities wrong by putting foreigners first. It will become “foreigners only” if PAP continues to rule after ge
  • P
    having grown up singapore. what i hope is that i get to keep my job for the next few years after election. hope there is still sweet after election is over and not bitter medicine as what happen in the past. hopefully history will not repeat itself.
  • G
    Gerrard Villa
    The new graduate have huge loans to pay. Think carefully when you vote..... I have seen a lot in the industry for more than 40 years, employers always go for cheaper FTs or FWs. Vote PSP, WP, SDP, then the regime will not be so arrogant to citizens
  • E
    i do fear for younger generation future. Even me myself who is still working am worried now facing the new norm new era. Singapore is trying to be in the forefront of technology. Many attend courses like data analytics etc. But in Singapore i think FT is needed in this specific industry. Locals are simply not good enough. The issue is can FT be mentor to more locals so that they can in turn teach younger generations
  • M
    MostLame ideology!
    I have no issues with FTs, just reduce FW numbers.
  • S
    Just vote opposition and deny pap majority is the duty of all Singapore citizens.
Errola day ago
How do you store can of beans?
rn2na7 days ago
hot water in my washer, and a hot dryer sterilizes EVERYTHIN...more
Atibolzky9 days ago
kills all those envolved too