Girlfriends will break up with you, you’ll have no money: Ronny Chieng on the sacrifice of doing comedy

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2 months ago
Malaysian comedian Ronny Chieng shares his advice for aspiring comedians, including the need to be self-aware as well as the sacrifices that will need to be made.
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    In a capitalist society that perpetuates capitalism as the way of living you need to have money. If you as a gentleman had not enough then don't go in as you are not ready. One of the main causes of relationship quarrels between couple borders on money to finance your daily aims in life.
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    Boyfriend will break off with you if you are not pretty
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    Andy Lee
    Finish watching Ronny stand up comedy on netflix. This guy sure funny than Kevin hart. Maybe i understand asian comedy more.
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    Y this news is on top everyday? Fed up to always see this new daily!
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    Well, that is very easy, no money no talk...human beings has changed..and so is lifestyle
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    Proud of malaysian
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    Who the hell is this guy?
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    Can Yahoo move this stupid news away. I have been viewing this topic been place on the top and not replace by any newer news for the past two days.
chana month ago
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Ikhsana month ago
Why do the Chinese like to use English.names? Most of them d...more
Lawrence2 months ago
Why would anyone care about her comments?
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