Why ‘elite schools’ reach out to ‘ordinary’ citizens

Yahoo TV Singapore
4 months ago
The Smiling Afro imagines what might have gone on in a conversation about a prestigious school's relocation. Inspired by recent events.
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  • J
    Yep, they are just speaking the truth. Get used to it. By the way, there is a huge difference between neighbour-hood schools and elite schools. 90% of GEP qualifiers come from the elite schools. Ask MOE for the statistics and you will be shown the light of elitism.
  • M
    MostLame ideology!
    The EMPTs should also reach out to the low income
  • R
    Real Troll
    I actually do believe that's exactly what that delusional "spokes person" is actually thinking hahaha nice one
  • A
    Most elitism died of cursed. Better not be one of them.
Anamari3 months ago
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Tiong3 months ago
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paul2 months ago
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Jaysan4 months ago
Yep, they are just speaking the truth. Get used to it. By th...more
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