Opera singers surprise Washington D.C. area park goers

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a year ago

Two opera singers have been delighting hikers in Washington D.C. area parks during the coronavirus lockdown.

Lori Sen, who teaches voice at local colleges, said she and roommate Erica Marie Ferguson, a music student at the University of Maryland and a member of Maryland Opera Studio, had important performances canceled after the pandemic hit the area.

The pair then decided to make music together. Rave reviews from their neighbors prompted the women to take their singing outside.

On a recent afternoon at Buddy Attick Lake Park in Greenbelt, Maryland, the two wandered the paths singing to clusters of walkers and park visitors from a safe distance.

"We started looking for duets that we can do together," said Sen. "And then our neighbors provided such positive feedback and we got so encouraged by that, we decided to take it outside."

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