Singlish with Uncle Gwee: What

Yahoo TV Singapore
7 months ago
You don't so what hor - must watch Uncle Gwee explain you how to use "what" in Singlish, in the second instalment of a four-part series. Watch other episodes: Can What Then
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    I like this episode Whaaat.
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    LiverPoo Scouser 🐀
    Uncle Gwee, Swee Swee what!
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    I found a reaction to
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    singlish stems from the inability to express a situation with appropriate vocabulary.
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    learn from me! Hey! Uncle! what sai you are talking about?
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    Wah! Speak Singlish! Speak wat ah! Speak money lah! no lah! No your head lah! No lah! Wat to speak lah! Speak kosong lah! Oh! Speak Poetry! How ah! You no no! I no how! Why you no no! Because oh! You don't know lah! But I no lah! Because you no no! Then I tich you! Good hoh! Speak mo let people throw rot lah! Why leh! because mysinglish very bagus! I tell you secret! I no someone ho! he is wat wat! Because he is wat wat, then ho, I become so so! But he is a man wat and no fight! That is why ho! he is some wat! Now leh! he is good lo! I am no good lo! No fight lo! that is why ho! I lose him lo! Actually ho! I am very good leh! But ho! Because of him leh, I become so so!
Frank6 months ago
Please stop this degradation of English. English language de...more
Robert6 months ago
rather yahoo spends time on improving English than promoting...more
kwonga year ago
Thank you for sharing :>
LiverPoo Scouser 🐀a year ago
Ah Gwee, you are “Then” good!
kalooa year ago
I like this episode Whaaat.
PapSmeartopreventcancera year ago
Can meh ? Can lah. Can hah ? Can leh. Can hor ? Can what. Ca...more
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