Singlish with Uncle Gwee: How

Yahoo TV Singapore
7 months ago
Last episode liao, how leh? Watch Uncle Gwee explain how to use “how”. #EnglishInSinglish #SinglishWithUncleGwee Watch other episodes: Can What Then
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  • k
    Thank you for sharing :>
  • k
    Like that also can make news ?
  • R
    Weird looking man.
  • n
    This is excellent. Singlish, when taught in this way, is a very complex language. It is extremely nuanced and layered. Thank you so much for these video. More, can?
  • C
    luv it LOL
  • 李显龙
    When you speak Singlish to the British, the British will mock you, saying Singapore used to be British colony, its citizens don't know how to speak proper English when you write Singlish to the Cambridge GCE examination, the Cambridge GCE examinator will fall you.
  • C
    CrowdedLonely planet
    How ah, ur distracting teeth color.
  • j
    Why do we even need this just write a book Singlish for dummies
  • B
    So proud of Singlish!! So embarrassing to speak this way ! Especially some singlish advert on radio, such a disgrace for their brands
  • S
Frank6 months ago
Please stop this degradation of English. English language de...more
Robert6 months ago
rather yahoo spends time on improving English than promoting...more
kwonga year ago
Thank you for sharing :>
LiverPoo Scouser 🐀a year ago
Ah Gwee, you are “Then” good!
kalooa year ago
I like this episode Whaaat.
PapSmeartopreventcancera year ago
Can meh ? Can lah. Can hah ? Can leh. Can hor ? Can what. Ca...more
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